Month: April 2011

1st Mount Apo International Boulder Face Challenge

On April 29-30, 2011, one of the toughest adventure races in the Philippines is about to unfold. The Mt. Apo Boulder Face Challenge is a 24-hour extreme relay starting from the coastal areas of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur to the skyline of Mt. Apo’s boulder face. Participants will undergo exciting tasks of mountain biking, trekking, water tubing and road running.

Davao Island to Highland

An article I wrote for Mabuhay Magazine (Philippine Airlines inflight publication) on September 2009 features my beloved Davao City, with Mount Apo on the cover by partner Rhonson Ng. This is his third cover photo for the publication. We have been contributing regularly for the magazine in our eagerness to promote our beautiful islands.

Cave explorer

‎My partner Rhonson Ng is a mountaineer and spelunker, whose caving abilities goes back to college years in Luzon. He learned caving photography from a pioneer expert (who is now deceased) and have joined his mentor into mapping and exploring bigger caves in the country years back. Do you know that our city has beautiful caves?  Here are some of Rhonson’s works during the 5th Mindanao Caving Forum held in Buda this year. Kudos to his lightning assistant, Arthur Yap, and SPELEO for being the host of this event. (Here’s an excerpt from “A shot in the dark – guide to cave photography” by Peter Jones, a cave photographer since 1969 and has worked with the National Geographic Television) Working in the dark Cave photography, by its very nature, limits the number of people who are going to try it. You must not be afraid of the dark or be claustrophobic, nor afraid to get dirty. In many caves you must also be proficient as a rock climber and know advanced rope work techniques. These …

Davao in DPP Mag (2009)

Digital Photographer Philippines Magazine Issue 27 (August 2009) featured Davao in 3 glorious spreads. The article was well written by Dariel Quiogue, accompanied by photos of Rhonson Ng, buddies Paul Borromeo and Carlos Munda (underwater image), and mine. Rhonson and I constantly find opportunities to promote our beloved city in several ways. DPP is available in bookstores nationwide (P300+) Photos by Rhonson Ng (boat and main photo Mt. Apo), Jojie Alcantara (sunrise in Times Beach) and Paul Borromeo (tribe in sepia) Photos by Rhonson Ng (whitewater rafting, Mt. Apo and Samal bat cave), Jojie Alcantara (Leticia by the Sea resort), Paul Borromeo (tribe in sepia) and Carlos Munda (underwater pygmy seahorse) Photos by Rhonson Ng (whitewater rafting, Mount Apo and Philippine Eagle), Jojie Alcantara (Turtle Sanctuary in sepia) and Paul Borromeo (Kadayawan Festival performer and tribesmen in sepia) To view more of my photos, click to my gallery site Tweet

In memoriam: Roger Layson

My shot of Kuya Roger in Compostela Valley’s falls, 2003 (back then I was using a Sony Cybershot point and shoot camera, it came out this clear and sharp because of the lighting in the falls)   April 4, 2011 – RIP, Roger Layson In loving memory of good friend, mentor and long time media colleague, veteran journalist of Mindanao Daily Mirror and lifestyle columnist, Kuya Roger Layson, who has contributed a lot to the tourism and media industry of Davao for decades. He has worked for the Department of Tourism for years, and then became a consultant in the City Mayor’s Office after retirement.RGL and me in Pastor Quiboloy’s birthday party RGL (as we called him) has “discovered” me in 1991 when I was just a skinny girl with a different career path. At that time, I was fresh out of college with low self esteem and little qualifications in my resume, and was working at the front desk of Apo View Hotel. His office (Dept of Tourism) was at the second floor. But …