26th Kadayawan Sa Dabaw Festival 2011 Highlights

Kadayawan Logo 2011
Kadayawan Festival 2011 Logo

26th Kadayawan Sa Dabaw Festival 2011
Steering Committee Core Activities


· DAYAW DABAW STREET MARKET : August 12- 21 5PM, Palma Gil Street

This 10-day street market will showcase the bounties of Davao which is the central reason of thanksgiving during this Kadayawan Festival. It will showcase our fruit growers and Davao’s best products. Entertainment and food concessionaries will also be available for shoppers.


The festival will open with an ecumenical thanksgiving service for the year of blessing and bounty. To start off the celebration, the color and culture of the father tribes of Davao will be showcased through music and dance.

· HUDYAKAAN : 6PM onwards, Aug 15-22, Roxas Avenue

This is a weeklong food street event that provides nightly entertainment through local and nationally renowned bands.

· HO-CHIA SA CHINATOWN (“Good Food”) 6:00 PM 15-21 August, Sta. Ana Wharf, Pier One

A nightly entertainment area with unique dining experience along the wharf featuring seafood, barbecue, Chinese dishes and Davao popular street food. A bargain bazaar will also be open during this 7-day event.

· LUMADNONG GAMA : Indigenous Peoples’ Crafts Trade Fair : 16-21 Aug, People’s Park

Crafts-making showcased as trinkets, crafts and souvenirs from 10 different tribes available for sale.


Talent Night: 6PM, August 16th, Abreeza Mall

Grand Coronation Night: 6PM, August 17th, Davao City Recreation Center (formerly Almendras Gym)

Grand quest for the festival gem of Davao- Hiyas ng Kadayawan is the search for the indigenous young lass who, up until the present is knowledgeable of her indigenous culture and wisdom through a pageantry of Mindanaoan myths and legends. Ten young women from the respective distinguished tribes of Davao will be presented in their indigenous garbs, cultural performance, interview and indigenous attire.

· SAYAW MINDANAW 16-18 August, SM CITY DAVAO (Aug. 16 10am – 3pm)

Sayaw Mindanaw is a competition of Mindanao myths, legends and folklores transformed into dance narratives by Mindanao-based dance groups. Outstanding dance critiques and choreographers will interact with the Mindanao choreographers during dance evaluation and citation.

  • · PANAGTAGBO: August 18- 20, Peoples Park
    • Lumadnong Bantawan: Indigenous Peoples Performance Showcase
    • Lumadnong Gama: Indigenous Peoples Crops and Crafts Trade Fair

1:00 PM, 18 Aug 2011 – People’s Park and Gaisano Mall of Davao

2:00 PM, 19 Aug 2011 – Rizal Park (** INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’S DAY**)

Performance showcases of dance, songs and other ceremonies fit for public performances of the 10 focused Davao tribes namely – Ata Manobo, Bagobo Tagabawa, Ubo Manobo, K’lata, Matigsalog, Maranao, Maguindanao, Tausug, Sama and the Kalagans. Craft making will also be showcased as these and crops from each tribe will also be available for sale.

  • · TUNOG MINDANAW: 3PM, 20 August, Abreeza Mall

Mindanaoan composers and songwriters will come together to showcase their popular yet indigenous music compositions bringing forward this genre not as alternative but the mainstream music in Mindanao.

· INDAK-INDAK SA KADALANAN: 8:00 AM, Aug 20, Route: Magsaysay Ave. to Rizal Park

The Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan will showcase the diverse festivals of Mindanao through streetdancing. Dance contingents from the different regions of Mindanao will feature their own festivals as part of Kadayawan’s mission of promoting the other festivals of the island, thus being the festival of festivals.

PAMULAK KADAYAWAN: 8:00 AM, Aug 21, Route: Magsaysay Ave. to Rizal Park

The grand finale of the Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival, the showcase of the blooming of flowers and ripening of fruits in a floral float parade and competition. Two categories excite both the interested float artists and audiences – Open and Alternative Categories teeming with artistry and glory as the floats impress Davao’s blessings of bounty considered to be one of Asia’s Most Livable Cities.

· MODA MINDANAW: 6:00 PM. August 21, SM City Davao

Fashion and Floral Design Competion

Mindanao fashion designers will compete in a fashion design extravaganza of indigenous-inspired wear for men and women utilizing Mindanaoan fabrics and organic fibers. Floral accessories and bouquets are also featured to display the creations of Davao Floral Artists.


A free concert to showcase Callalilly and Freestyle for all Dabawenyos.

PASASALAMAT : 6PM 21 August 2011

This gathering is to thank all the supporters of the Kadayawan Festival 2011. The winners of the various Kadayawan competitions will be performing before our valued guests.

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For more information, visit www.kadayawan.com.

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