Davao’s new punch line

Kadayawan Davao Punch Ad 2011
Kadayawan Davao Punch Ad 2011


Davao City has a new treat for visitors as soon as they arrive in the airport.

From August 11 down to August 21, tourists will be treated to the Davao Punch, a new concoction of non-alcoholic drink with a combination of guava, calamansi and pomelo, which was created by a chef of Center for Culinary Studies Davao (CACS Davao).

This new fruit mix was created in line with the city’s campaign published in selected national dailies which highlights the bountiful harvest of fruits and flora during the month of August, hence its celebration of Kadayawan Festival. It also showcases ten of the most vibrant tribes in the city with a tagline of Ten Tribes, One Vibe.

In a full page ad, a young lass in colorful authentic tribal costume holds a drink in her hand with the caption: “FLY TO DAVAO AND WE WILL WELCOME YOU WITH A GOOD PUNCH. At the Davao International Airport, experience our welcome drink, DAVAO PUNCH, a concoction especially made for the guests of Davao City.”

Get a taste of the city’s new “punchline” and visit Davao during Kadayawan Festival!


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Ad Photo by Rhonson Ng


48 responses to “Davao’s new punch line”

  1. Bong Gil Avatar
    Bong Gil

    Good day ms jojie….

    Im bong gil of matina davao

    Been reading your work for a long time na and ang ganda talaga… BTW, ask lang po when is your next sked for basic photography lessons? Maybe someday i can join you and rhonson… Maraming salamat…

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Hi Bong, we will announce the next workshop. Meanwhile, please visit our photo exhibit of Davao images in Abreeza running for the month of August. Thank you again!

  2. ells Avatar

    wow! nice idea.. also the add would be better if the lass is someone from indigenous tribes of davao..

  3. Mike Avatar

    The punch is a reference to that infamous punch seen all over the world (or on the internets) 😉 You know what I mean hahaha! 😉

  4. Aaliyah Avatar

    DISGUSTING DAVAO. Making light of a human rights abuse by their fascist queen.

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Aaliyah…be careful what you wish for.
      🙂 🙂

      1. lorie Avatar

        iisa lng ibig sabihin nyan si aaliyah…ngkaalaman na..

    2. Wacky Avatar

      I’m curious. Have you ever been to Davao already Aaliyah?

    3. Margaret A Avatar

      To an impostor named, Aaliyah.. I’m sure you’re just using that name to create a connotation that a Muslim bad mouthing Davao. We have a good relationship with our Christian brothers and sisters here. As Muslims, we stand by the principle of Mayor Inday and Vice Mayor Rody. We love them more than they love us. =)

    4. daLe Agustin Avatar
      daLe Agustin

      @Aaliyah nagawi ka na ba sa Davao? Subukan mong bumalik.. 😀

    5. Assliyah-Beotch Avatar

      Halika ASS-liyah, Lemme see what you got.
      Praktisin nating yang Human Rights mo – Bang bang bang! 🙂

    6. akissa Avatar

      tsk tsk..kawawang Aaliyah, I feel sorry for you. Good luck nalang sa’yo.

      Basta kami dire hayahay!

    7. wizbren ang Avatar
      wizbren ang

      oh yeah? our city was listed as one of the most livable city in Asia. that said, how would your city compare to that?

      Our mayor done what a fine mayor would, be a servant of the people. i bet you are living in a city governed by a sissy “trapo”.

    8. Piktut Avatar

      Hey Aaliyah,

      Enough of the hatred. What we are standing by is the thought that one wrong move doesn’t undo the great things this Queen of ours has done to the city.

      And, I guess (where ever you may be from), you have never experienced this kind of public service where the majority of its populace stand by and fight “against all odds” for their leader(s).

      1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

        Nice one, Piktut. And what a cute nick. 🙂

        1. maui Avatar

          aaliyah… do you have some sort of a habit that you weren’t able to practice while you were in davao?

          i think that explains it.

    9. Arcie Avatar

      @Alliyah… malas mo hindi ka nkatira sa Davao, hindi mo na experience ang feeling heaven while on earth.. we are peacefull loving people, pero hwag mo lang hamunin. basta tga davao isog… 🙂

    10. Therese Avatar

      guess what, you’re totally wrong, Davao is nowhere near disguisting. May kasabihan nga “When someone is adored so dearly, their detractors would be so jealous they’ll do anything to bring her down”

  5. Miko Avatar

    OMG! you did not just call her a fascist!
    move on girl, that issue was like you: old and boring…
    @ms jojie: nice shots, you’re awesome! wish i can come to one of your seminars. would really love to learn photography 🙂

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Will announce the next workshop, mikko. take care. :-))))

  6. Jam Avatar

    @aaliyah: You are hilarious. Let’s see if that happens to you. How would you even react? PLUS! ths blog post isn’t even about that. Its about our tourism ads. Get over it. If youd really want a Davao Punch, youll probably get one. Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it from Santa Claus as an early Christmas gift.

  7. Margaret A Avatar

    To an impostor named, Aaliyah.. I’m sure you’re just using that name to create a connotation that a Muslim is bad mouthing Davao. We have a good relationship with our Muslim brothers and sisters here.

  8. icedgurl Avatar

    love your photos! and im proud being a dabawenya! Madayaw dabaw! :]

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      thanks, icedgurl. let’s promote davao positively. 🙂

  9. lorie Avatar

    hahaha..bitter aaliyah,jam is ryt u myt get it from santa claus as an early xmas present kahit wala png ber months…

  10. Jojo Intia Avatar
    Jojo Intia

    Hey alliyah why don’t visit davao so we could give u a punch

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Hahaha, relax, Jojo, we should show her how warm and kind hearted Dabawenyos are. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Jojo Intia Avatar
        Jojo Intia

        i just said , bibigyan natin siya ng punch ung nka lagay sa photo. marilou

  11. joey Avatar

    dami kong kilalang hindi taga davao who would disagree with aaiyah. kasama na dun nanay ko 🙂

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Yes, Joey, kasali ka na rin dun, pero adopted Dabawenyo ka na. LOL


  13. Ben Avatar

    Kaming mga taga CdeO, gusto namin hiramin Mayor o Vice-Mayor ninyo. Kung pwede lang sana.

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Hahaha, busy pa kasi mga opisyals namin, sir. 🙂

  14. John Rodriguez Avatar
    John Rodriguez

    Hi Ms. Alcantara

    Will you be going to Iloilo Dinagyang on January of 2012? A workshop perhaps while you’re there? 🙂 I will be there this January 2012 Dinagyang and would love to join.

    Kind regards,

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Would love to finally cover Dinagyang hopefully as my birthday treat, John. If schedule allows. 🙂

      1. John Rodriguez Avatar

        wow hopefully. I’ll get to see you in action.

        1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

          Hoping to cover some good action as well, John. 🙂

      2. Therese Avatar

        you should also cover Butuan City’s Kahimunan Festival which happens every 2nd (or 3rd) week of January.

  15. Ben Izra Dacudao Avatar
    Ben Izra Dacudao

    I was suppose to rant and ****… but No. Sometimes I do not want to share Davao to everyone else. 🙂 That way we can preserve the wonderful things we have. They do not know that we have it all… shhhh…

    – Ben of Dacudao Avenue. 🙂

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      See how true it is. Dabawenyos are peace-loving people. We let go and let live. 🙂

  16. grace Avatar

    Hey Aaliyah dear..are you aware what exactly the word you’re sayin? If not we can help
    you find out then.. You’re so pathetic & a disgrace to be a filipino!!! People lyk you..how do I say “Shitty” or ” “disgusting” din!! I need to compose myself & besides you’re not worth it.We had a wonderful place w/ an awesome people. So just relax, Jojie will maybe give you a plane ticket to visit our pride & honor..DAVAO!!! 🙂

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Grace, pag may piso promo uli ang Cebu Pac. 🙂 🙂

  17. Genevieve Ozoa Avatar
    Genevieve Ozoa

    Hi Jojie! Awesome site…Continue inspiring others through your thoughts and pictures. I am mighty proud of you.

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      thanks so much, Gene!

  18. Albertology Avatar

    Dear Aaliyah,

    Punta ka dito sa Davao, Sipain ko kili kili mo!!!dali……..

  19. Winifred Townsend Avatar
    Winifred Townsend

    And, I guess (where ever you may be from), you have never experienced this kind of public service where the majority of its populace stand by and fight “against all odds” for their leader(s). wow!

  20. Ernest Lake Avatar

    To @Aaliyah,
    What kind of mouth do you have? I’m not a Filipino, but I do love the places here in the Philippines especially,Davao. If you are not a Filipino, then just shut your mouth.

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