Dec 9 Christmas at People's Park by Jojie Alcantara

Christmas at People’s Park

Festive Christmas atmosphere in People's Park
Festive Christmas atmosphere in People’s Park


Christmas at People’s Park
Published in SunStar Davao on December 7, 2011
Witerary by Jojie Alcantara (text and photos)

A slight drizzle didn’t faze my family when we brought my 2-year old daughter Kameron and niece Princess, their first time at night, in the People’s Park to witness the spectacular display of colors and decorations that indicate Christmas is in the air.


New fountain at People's Park
New fountain at People’s Park


A huge Christmas tree looms at the entrance with Santa waving at you, while a tall shelter for the Belen (tableau of the Nativity) made from local materials are set up in another area. Out there by the bridge, a new set of fountains draw people like a magnet, making every child’s eyes rounder in awe at the rush of water and play of colored lights, in time to the music being blared over the sound system.


Princess and Kammy in People's Park
Princess and Kammy in People’s Park


People’s Park is a wonderful place to bring your kids and family over for a stroll where daily entertainment programs are now set for the holiday season. Outside the park are display stalls which sell assorted items and food for the Christmas bazaar.

Enjoy the Christmas photos.


People's Park New Fountain
People’s Park New Fountain


Dec 9 Christmas at People's Park by Jojie Alcantara
Dec 9 Christmas at People’s Park — click to large file

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