Tribute to Philippine Comedy King Dolphy at FDCP

Ang Tatay Kong Nanay
Ang Tatay Kong Nanay

The man was magnanimous and giving as a human being and as an artist. His death in July made us Filipinos grieve, not just the passing of a man known for being open handed to his colleagues in the movie industry, but also the end of a career dedicated to making us laugh, because as John Puruntung and his many incarnations of the common man, he made us laugh away our troubles even for a while, with his so-Pinoy wit and humor and exquisite comic timing. He was the one and only King of Philippine Comedy.

Omeng Satanasia
Omeng Satanasia

To honor Rodolfo “Dolphy” Vera Quizon’s numerous and unprecedented contributions to Philippine cinema, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), through its projects, Cinematheque Baguio, Cinematheque Iloilo, and Cinematheque Davao, is screening Omeng Satanasia, Ang Tatay kong Nanay, My Juan en Only, Home Along da Riles, and Home Along da Riles II.

Home Along Da Riles
Home Along Da Riles

For Cinematheque Davao, the screening schedule and film synopses follow:

Thursday, August 30
3:30 Ang Tatay kong Nanay
5:30 My Juan en Only

Friday, August 31
3:30 Home Along da Riles
5:30 Home Along da Riles II

Saturday, September 1
1:00 Ang Tatay kong Nanay
3:30 Omeng Satanasia
5:30 Home Along da Riles

Sunday, September 2
1:00 Omeng Satanasia
3:30 Ang Tatay kong Nanay
5:30 Home Along da Riles II


Omeng Satanasia (1977), directed by Frank Gray Jr.
Dolphy plays a scientist who has accomplished much in his life except for one: reversing the aging process. The film begins as he throws away his shot glass in frustration and the image of Satan appears, offering him just what he is longing for.

Ang Tatay kong Nanay (1978), directed by Lino Brocka
Dioscoro “Coring” Derecho (Dolphy) owns a parlor and lives with his long-time partner, Dennis (Phillip Salvador). The latter suddenly leaves him for Mariana (Marissa Delgado). A few years later, Dennis returns with a child and leaves him in Coring’s custody, as he pursues his plan of entering the US Navy. Nonoy (Niño Muhlach) grows up with Coring treating him as his own child. Coring, however, hides his true identity from Nonoy, in order to spare him from a life of harsh criticism and terrible teasing. Matters come to a head when Coring learns that Mariana, the child’s biological mother, has plans to take the child away from him.

My Juan en Only
My Juan en Only

My Juan en Only (1982), directed by Frank Gray Jr.
The film is about the [mis]adventures of Juan (Dolphy), a rich, albeit uneducated provinsyano, as he tries to win the heart of Akang (Charo Santos), a pretty barrio lass who struggles to make a living as a dressmaker.

Home Along da Riles (1993), directed by Johnny Manahan
The film is a situation comedy featuring the family of Kevin Kosme (Dolphy), a typical Filipino family living alongside railroad tracks. Their house looks as if it will fall apart every time a train passes.

Home Along da Riles II (1997), directed by Efren Jarlego
A sequel of Home Along da Riles (1993), Kevin Kosme (Dolphy) and his family suddenly find themselves millionaires. What happens when they move into a bigger house and leave their “home along da riles”?

Jojie in front of Cinematheque Davao and beside statue of Director Lino Brocka
Me in front of Cinematheque Davao and beside statue of Director Lino Brocka

Copies of the screening schedule are available at Museo Dabawenyo and at Cinematheque Davao (CDvo), at Palma Gil Street. Or call CDvo at 282-4579.

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