An interview on photography and Davao life

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PHWOW: When you hear the word Davao, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
ME: Happiness! I am very happy to be living here. I can’t imagine being based anywhere else.

PHWOW: No. 1 reason why Davao is WOW?
ME: It is the biggest city with a very big heart. People care about you here. It’s more provincial than metropolis in so many ways. We don’t ignore those who ask for directions. We extend more assistance than needed. Cab drivers give back change. We have time for small chats in between work, or while serving guests. People are not that impatient or in a hurry. I can’t say we’re still pretty laid back now that so much development is going on, but Dabawenyos are still amazed at opening up to new experiences. Imagine just having gotten Starbucks last year, and Imax and Krispy Kreme this year.

PHWOW: Do you have any tips for travelers who visit Davao for the first time?
ME: Don’t hesitate to ask around. The guy beside you may have just gone through a unique Davao experience he can recommend. Read blogs. Many Davao bloggers give a lot of tips and places to discover. Mine is

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