Paul’s Boutique: Britain’s top trendsetter now in the Philippines

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Paul’s Boutique: Britain’s top trendsetter now in the Philippines

One of Britain’s top trendsetters has now reached Philippine shores creating a more exciting retail scene for today’s more discerning style set.

Inspired by the vibrant music and fashion scene of the 90’s, Paul Slade started out with a modest line of bespoke t-shirts for family and friends. One of Slade’s top inspirations when he was starting out was American Pop artist, Jeff Koons.

After a couple of successful clothing lines, Slade continued to develop his knack for setting trends through fashion by immersing himself in his favorite sources of inspiration – vintage clothing, graffiti, 80’s Hip Hop and Japanese street brands. Eventually, the young designer started to develop a new project, which he called, Paul’s Boutique – a name inspired by an iconic Beastie Boy album. In its early years, Paul’s Boutique created hand-customized army surplus, vintage denims and sweatshirts. Not long after, the brand’s bespoke products caught the eye of local style setters, eventually gaining a cult following. The bold, unapologetic designs of Paul’s Boutique was exactly what young Londoners were looking for. Paul’s Boutique then became a regular fixture in Portobello Road in 2000 before being snapped up by big retailers like Topshop and Oxford Circus.

As the brand continued to grow, international celebrities like Paris Hilton and Justin Timberlake started taking notice of its cheeky designs. In 2009, demand for the brand ballooned immensely, prompting Paul’s Boutique to outsource its manufacturing in order to keep up.

As the creative director of the company, Paul continues to churn out designs that have the London girl in mind, mixing in a diversity of styles, music, cultural influences, and attitudes that has made London such an eclectic, exiting source of fashion inspiration for many. As such, customers of the brand can expect fun, wearable pieces with an edge as the Paul’s Boutique girl is described as cool, quirky, confident and with a great sense of fun. Fashion conscious but with her own unique style, the Paul’s Boutique girl is a true individualist, who enjoys expressing herself through well-made, highly-creative clothing and accessories, never one to blend in the crowd.

Currently, Paul’s Boutique continues to attract young style setters from Rita Ora to Pippa Middleton.

Now on its 13th year, Paul’s Boutique is firmly established in the international fashion arena. The brand is present across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South Africa. Global expansion continues season on season.

In the Philippines, Paul’s Boutique bags are now available in the Primer Group of Companies’ premiere concept stores like Bratpack, The Travel Club and Ladybag. Offering a wide range of totes, small bags, and other ladies’ accessories, each piece is characterized by the brand’s distinct style. From an explosion of colors to an assortment of styles and design techniques, each piece is sure to make a style statement no matter where you go.

The Primer Group of Companies, Asia’s next retails giant, is the exclusive distributor of Paul’s Boutique in the Philippines.

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