SWIMS brings hip functionality to everyday footwear

Swims footwear

SWIMS brings hip functionality to everyday footwear

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One of the latest up-and-coming brands from popular concept store Res-Toe-Run, SWIMS is already making a “splash” in the fashion scene with its unique take on popular footwear styles without scrimping on comfort and function.


Norwegian lifestyle brand, SWIMS is best known for its achievement in reinventing the galosh (overshoe). Having added functionality, lots of colors, and a more contemporary shape to its lineup of footwear styles, SWIMS has reinvented the humble galosh into a modern, hip, style that is now gaining popularity in major metropolitan cities around the world – including the Philippines.


Davao’s famous and revered Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte, had tried on a pair of SWIMS and found the George Lace Loafer collection to fit his style. Its semi-formal sleek design appealed to the good mayor and all he could say when he tried it on was “Perfect!”

Mayor Rody Duterte trying on SWIM shoes
Mayor Rody Duterte trying on SWIM shoes

With SWIMS’ vision to enhance the lifestyle of people at work and leisure, we decided to give Mayor Duterte a pair to give him a feel of SWIMS comfort and functionality while going about with his hectic schedule.


In line with the brand’s philosophy of “Reinventing Classics”, SWIMS aims to create functional and smart products with the highest quality. After the success of the galosh, SWIMS has another exciting product that is sure to delight local footwear fans.


Reinventing the classic loafer, SWIMS has been able to turn it into something that is more functional through the integration of high-tech materials and state-of-the-art technology. And how functional is it? Well, for water babies, they’d be happy to learn that they can now start wearing loafers even in the ocean, by the pool, on the deck of a boat – basically a comfy loafer that you can “loaf” around in the beach instead of the usual flip flops.


But for city folks or those that are looking for SWIMS’ more practical advantage like Mayor Rody, they’d be happy to know that SWIMS, most especially its galoshes, are perfect for rainy days when you don’t want to get your shoes ruined and of course, keep your feet dry.

SWIMS is truly a fine example how the merging of practical innovations and style can result to something that is truly exciting.

Check out SWIMS’ latest collection at Res-Toe-Run branch in Abreeza and nationwide.

Res|Toe|Run is owned and operated by The Primer Group of Companies, Asia’s next retail giant.

SWIMS would like to thank Mayor Rody Duterte for wearing SWIMS shoes; to Mr. Bong Go, his Executive Assistant for allowing SWIMS a few minutes to honor the good Mayor. Our warmest thanks also goes out to Ms. Jojie Alcantara, writer-blogger-photojournalist,  for the coordination, fun company and the very nice photos.  Thank you also to Joel of Fujifilm for lending us your nice cameras and taking the photos.

/PR from Primer


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