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Aftermath at the Roxas Food Strip (Sept. 2)

Davao logo in SM Lanang Premier Fountain Court © Jojie Alcantara

Forget the bashers. Ignore the haters. Pray for them. Words have power only if we let them affect us. When used irresponsibly, they break and hurt people. Then again, words are spiritual. They can heal grieving hearts. They can unite a nation. Choose your words carefully, be gentle online and off.

[Tweet “We are living the good life. We will strive to keep it that way. Life is still here.”]

© Jojie Alcantara ( SM Lanang Fountain Court, 8.19.2016 ) [ FujiXA2+14mm ]






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The author is a multi-awarded photographer, journalist, and artist whose works are featured in tourism campaigns (It's More Fun in the Philippines), covers and spreads of books and international magazines. A long time columnist of SunStar Davao, she is a frequent traveler in search of inspirational heartwarming stories of human interest. She is also an  influencer and motivational speaker who gives photography workshops in universities and organizations. A former TV personality, she has done several print and TV commercials, event hosting and speaking engagements. In 2013, she has received an award from the City Government of Davao for her significant contribution in the social media. She was one of the speakers in Photo World Asia 2017.  A web designer/blogger since the 90s, she has seen the evolution of the internet and social media transition from the perspective of a traditional media person.

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