A new world of learning with Smart Digital Campus

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Discover a new world of learning with


Smart E-Learning is a fully digitized and integrated learning management platform. The mobile app is equipped with social, gamification features that make teachers and students more engaged in learning. These include e-textbooks, online grade books, and chatting programs that aim to foster a more collaborative study environment.




“Smart Digital Campus is PLDT’s contribution to improving the local educational system as it permits ease and quality of information access between educators, students, and guardians. With a more streamlined and integrated way of learning, Smart Digital Campus pushes for more collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and productive communication within a learning community,” shares Omni Amisola-Larrosa, PLDT SME Nation’s Product Lead for Smart Business Solutions.

“This is in line with PLDT SME Nation’s vision of empowering future Filipino leaders through providing them technologies to fulfill their potential and contribute to nation-building,” adds Amisola-Larrosa.



Representatives from PLDT SME Nation oriented media guests through the functions and features of Smart Digital Campus with a Q&A session, and simulation of one of its programs, the Smart Gatekeeper, at the T’nalak 3 Function Room of Seda Abreeza Hotel, Davao last October 12.

Smart Digital Campus will be available starting October 2016.  To know more about PLDT SME Nation, more of its products and activities, and what it has in store for the nation’s MSMEs, please visit http://smenation.com.ph/ or https://www.facebook.com/SMENation/.




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