PhotoWorld Asia 2017 set on January 26-31, 2017

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By Cecilia S. Angeles, Manila Bulletin

For about two and a half decades now, PhotoWorld Asia (PWA) has continued its primary objective of training individuals in art particularly photography which is a very lucrative activity.  This was conceived initially by Eduviges Huang, a graduate of the U.S.-based Brooks Institute of Photography. She thought of conducting a basic photography seminar among the victims of the destructive Mt. Pinatubo eruption in 1991 to open to them some sort of instant source of income.

Sad to say, not even one victim took the basic photography workshop.  Instead, individuals from various walks of life swarmed the seminar—office employees, doctors, engineers, teachers, priests, housewives, movie stars, and many more, young or old, professionals or not.

To guide further the ever-increasing individuals interested in photography, the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) was organized in 1993, and it has remained very active in  keeping its 54-member photo clubs to indulge in monthly photo contests, occasional exhibits, lectures, seminars or out-of-town trips and photo shoots.

The major project of the FPPF is the annual PWA convention usually held at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in Makati City.  Previously tagged as PhotoWorldManila, it has widened its horizon to invite master photographers from Europe, United States, and Asia to share their expertise among participants of PWA annual convention.

PWA 2017 is scheduled on January 26-31, 2017 at AIM in Makati.  PWA 2017’s chairman, Professor Joey Tañedo of the University of the Philippines, said that this year’s theme “The Image Tells the Story.”

Convention speakers include Charlie Lim from Singapore, Christophe Loviny of France, and from the Philippines are Raymund Isaac, Dan Pamintuan, Nana Buxani, Atty. Kristoffer de Jesus,  Jojie Alcantara, Rhonson Ng, Per Andre Hoffman, Ruston Banal, and Romy Gacad.

Current FPPF president, Pablo Beltran, said that photography which is a very enjoyable activity and a good source of income has touched the lives of many workshop participants who keep attending club activities and coming back especially during monthly meetings and annual reunions. The 54 photography clubs which are members of FPPF come from various parts of the Philippines.

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Source : Manila Bulletin, Published January 3, 2017


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