5 Reasons why SKY viewers should catch “Kasal”

Bea, Paulo, and Derek starrer now on Star Cinema on SKY Pay-Per-View
5 Reasons why SKY viewers should catch “Kasal”

Star Cinema’s first offering for its 25th anniversary, “Kasal,” which airs on Star Cinema on SKY Pay-Per-View till October 4, stirred up emotions when it first came out, as it tackled the love triangle story in an unconventional way.

Bea Alonzo stars as Lia, who marries the most eligible bachelor of Cebu, Philip (Paulo), a mayoral candidate. Their lives start to get complicated after Philip works with Wado (Derek), Lia’s ex-boyfriend, in a project that will guarantee his win.

To truly appreciate the movie, here are five reasons SKY viewers need to watch out for in “Kasal.”

It is Star Cinema’s 25th anniversary offering.
As a prime Star Cinema offering, “Kasal” starred some prime actors whose performance in this movie have been praised. In his review published in news.abs-cbn.com, Fred Hawson said “There is really no contesting Bea Alonzo’s excellence as a dramatic actress. She can certainly deliver all those kilometric soliloquies with conviction. No matter how cheesy or how absurd those lines can get, Alonzo can still convey them with believability and sincerity. This was best demonstrated in Lia’s climactic confrontation scene with Philip which stretched the limits of melodrama, yet remained grounded with Alonzo’s performance.”

Plus, it also proved to be not the usual love triangle story as it throws in a plot twist that will reveal more about the relationships.

It is Derek Ramsay’s return to Star Cinema.
After 3 years, Derek Ramsay returned to Star Cinema with a movie said to highlight his appeal and abilities. Here, he plays Wado, a contractor who possesses a confidence in his own attractiveness and sex appeal. Hawson also said of Ramsay’s performance: “Ramsay can certainly play such jerks with his eyes closed. The wild antics Wado resorted to in order to wreak chaos on the Philip-Lea wedding were crazy, outrageous, campy and humorous, but the film would be generic without them.”

It captures some of the most spectacular sights in Cebu.
One of the most noticeable things in the movie is how its setting is depicted – Cebu, Queen City of the South. See how the film featured the beauty of Cebu as captured by cinematographer Mycko David with its famous spots such as the 10,000 Roses Café, where a garden of roses come alive at night, and the Temple of Leah, Cebu’s very own Taj Mahal.

It has a plot twist that got everyone talking.
At the start of the film, one might think that this movie is just an ordinary love triangle story with politics thrown in. But as the story progresses and if you take a closer look at the trailer, viewers may have already guessed that this movie does have an intriguing plot twist, especially with the strange tension between Derek and Paulo in one of the scenes.

It is a Ruel S. Bayani film.
Award-winning director Ruel S. Bayani is known for his daring films. Among these that have ignited much discussion were 2011’s “No Other Woman,” which tackled the sensitive topic of illicit affairs and the 2012 MMFF Best Screenplay winner “One More Try,” which was given a Grade A rating by the Cinema Evaluation Board.

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