Of Mystique Angels and Crystals

Witerary by Jojie Alcantara

What started as an idea back in October 2016 to create angel parties/booths for events came about through assisting a mother group they call the F4 (composed of Mother Princess, Lady Bam, Mother Atho, and Bong), where each had workshops which they help market and mount. The five members were graduates of the angel reading workshops of Evelyn Princess Buendia, a schoolmate of mine in Ateneo.

Mystique Angels

“We are a group of light workers, earth angels, miracle workers based in Davao City. But those are just labels though, to easily identify us with. We are just vessels to be of assistance to the community and country. We want to focus on using happiness and abundance to cultivate one’s self for a loving impact through events that we mount or we are invited in. Our mission is to spread love, oneness despite diversity of beliefs, and just honor one another and find our similarities, kindness and freedom,” Anne Verga, fondly called Pangging, related how the Mystique Angels was formed.

Pangging Verga

The PR in the group, Pangging is a DOH licensed massage therapist, specializing in healing that involves physical muscles, movement and touch. Currently, she is in Australia for further studies.

Kristina Suelto

Kristina Suelto (Angels and Crystals) and Liberty “Zai” Cocjin-Chan gave birth to the name when people started asking for assistance. Both women are creative artists of beautiful crystal accessories, doing workshops, crystal healing, Hoponopono, tarot and angel reading.

Zai Chan

Zai, the mystic motherly empath of the group does reiki healing, dabbles in kitchen herbs and essentials oils and together with her husband, creates handcrafted accessories in Artzy Quartzy Crafts and Crystals.

“Inspiration came in a flash and we came up with five branches Mystique Angels would love to venture into: Parties & Events, Crystals & Gift Shop, Mystique Travel & Tours, Healing Therapies & Self Mastery,” Pangging further explained.

Prosperity BEHT Healing sessions

From one workshop to another, the scope of services evolved and expanded, adding space clearing and healing activities. Mystique Angels is currently known for its monthly Prosperity BEHT (Body Emotional Healing Therapy) which started in 2018, crystal healing, sound bath healing, angel readings, tai chi sessions, self-mastery workshops and space/car clearings they call the Circle of Abundance.

Mystique Angels booth at the Hippie Market in Royal Mandaya

They also regularly conduct a course in miracles study group (ACIM/TAMIS), a self-study thought system of universal spiritual teaching.

Jay and Jows

Two men in the group have their own specialties. Jows Bagot focuses on managing and mounting events and oversees activities. He is also the sound master of crystal singing bowls during space clearings and healing sessions. Jows also creates car charms and dreamcatchers. Jay Delino, the youngest and fondly called “Bebeboy”, is their official documentor/photographer/graphic artist on their events and on Facebook.

“Our inspiration is one another. We draw our strength from each one. Our company inspiration is a hybrid of HayHouse and MindValley. We are also inspired by our families, mentors, and our friends who are supporting us in this venture. Our team is driven by inspiration, vision and passion and we would like to be known for as your reliable heart-based miracle workers based in Davao City,” said Pangging.

In the near future the group is hoping to develop and produce films and music for awareness in a fun way. They are also scouting for a creative space they can call home where they can conduct daily meditation classes, tai chi and private healing sessions. Their recent big event was “Clear Mind: Nothingness” conducted by Dato’ Dr. Lim Siow Jin (CEO and Founder of DXN International) and Dr. Rajesh Savera last May 21, 2019 at the Davao Convention Center.

Jows Bagot, Tina Suelto, angel reading mentor Princess Buendia, Zai Cochin and Pangging Verga

During our fun photo shoot in a park, the group had a blast exploring their creativity with props (from sage burning to fallen leaves) and healing crystals. Here are words of advice to interested crystal collectors:

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Tina, Zai and Pangging with makeup artist Honey at the back

“Just stay open to all the things you will hear because people have different experiences and uses with crystals. Each crystal has its specific use to an individual’s needs. Keep an open mind, to the possibilities of how you can use them as tools and support in your life’s journey.  Follow your heart when you choose your crystals and always have fun exploring!”

Mystique Angels booth at the Hippie Market in Royal Mandaya

The group is on Facebook (Mystique Angels) and Instagram (@mystiqueangels) should you want to reach out.

Mystque Angels Jay Tina Pangging Zai and Jows at the park
June 11 Mystique Angels by Jojie Alcantara SunStar Davao


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    Malou Acera

    Wow… keep it up… spreading love… light… to everyone…

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      Love and light back to you too! 🙂

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