SKY Fiber brings a world of limitless adventures with HBO Go

SKY Fiber subscribers can escape into the worlds of superheroes, the bizarre, and singing animals with a binge-worthy line-up of shows this July on HBO GO, which they can access at no cost for the first three months with SKY Fiber’s First 3 Months On Us Promo.

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Enter the unknown with the “Twilight Zone,” the revamp of the hair-raising series produced by Jordan Peele and Simon Kinberg. New episodes star television’s finest performers such as Morena Baccarin, Topher Grace, Tony Hale, Christopher Meloni, Jimmi Simpson. Watch this must stream modern re-imagining of the cult TV classic series exclusively on HBO GO.

Awaken the uncanny in you with ”Doom Patrol” and reconceive a world where one of DC’s strangest groups of superheroes just won’t die. Exclusively on HBO GO, the series airs a new episode of season 2 every Friday

Journey with music and friendship in “Ugly Dolls,” a computer animated musical comedy with Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas, and Janelle Monáe as an unlikely group of friends embarking on a journey of self-love and self-discovery.

Time is running out for Nicholas Cage in “A Score to Settle” as he battles a terminal illness while righting the wrongs of his past. Settle the score as you stream it starting July 11.

Follow the conspiracy in “Angel has Fallen” with Gerard Butler as he plays an on-the-run secret service agent after being framed for attempted assassination of the US President.

Join Keira Knightley’s thrilling world in “Official Secrets” as she plays a whistle-blower about to expose illegal spy operations that would have pushed the UN Security Council to sanction the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Share in the secret starting July 25.

Try not to jump with the stories of assorted guests that pass through “Room 104,” a motel room in the fourth season of this HBO Original anthology series, premiering July 25 at 11:00 AM.

Make your life a little less ordinary and stream all these exciting shows on HBO GO when you avail of the SKY Fiber promo.

Keep in mind that new subscribers can avail of the SKY Fiber promo within 60 days from the date of installation, ​while redemption period for existing subscribers is from June 6 to September 30, 2020.

Start indulging in your favorite shows at fiber-fast speeds and subscribe to SKY Fiber today through the official website:

HBO GO is available to all SKY Fiber, and SKYcable postpaid subscribers.






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