Aga and Alice’s international psycho thriller premieres on SKY

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Aga Muhlach and Alice Dixson’s international psycho-thriller movie “Nuuk” will bring
the scares to SKY subscribers as it airs on SKY Pay-Per-View until September 30.
The movie that marked Aga and Alice’s big screen reunion after 28 years was
featured at the 5th Danish Film Festival last year.

Shot in Greenland and produced by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark,
“Nuuk” follows the story of a widow, Elaisa (Alice), who struggles to move on from
her husband’s death. But she gets a new lease on life when she meets a
kababayan, Mark played by Aga. She, then, finds comfort and love from him. Find
out where their love will take them.

Joining “Nuuk” in the line-up is Alice’s “When The Love is Gone” where she plays
Audrey, Emman’s (Gabby Concepcion) wife. In this film, Emman has been seeking
intimacy from Audrey. As he tries to put his focus on his upcoming triathlon, he
crosses paths with Cassie (Cristine Reyes), the girl that might solve his problems
with his wife.

Viewers can also catch Aga’s “Of All the Things” with the Asia’s Songbird, Regine
Velasquez. Aga plays Emil Arellano, a man settling to manage a notary public after
failing the bar exam. He meets Berns (Regine), who tries her best to change Emil’s
outlook in life and encourages him to pursue his dreams.

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