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Enjoy these Spooktacular AirConsole games with SKY Fiber freemiums

Play different characters and go on a Halloween adventure
Enjoy these Spooktacular AirConsole games with SKY Fiber freemiums

Kids may not be able to go trick-or-treating outside for this year’s Halloween, but everyone can still have a fun celebration at home through SKY Fiber Freemiums.

Families with a SKY Fiber subscription can instantly enjoy popular Halloween-themed games at no extra cost with their FREE 6 months access to the AirConsole Hero gaming platform.

Existing SKY Fiber subscribers can activate their six-month free access to AirConsole Hero, while new SKY Fiber subscribers this month can avail the freebie right after installation.


More than 160 multiplayer games will be unlocked, including a selection of spooky, quirky, and fantasy-filled adventures that are perfect for the Halloween vibe.

In Mega Monster Party, each member of the family can play a different monstrous character. No need to dress up as Dracula, the Wicked Witch, or Frankenstein’s monster, as you get to play them in this epic digital board game. Ace the minigames, collect monster minions, and use secret items to conquer it all in the final battle.


For those that want to immerse themselves in an eerie, apocalyptic world, Zombie Attack is the thriller game to try. All players have to work as a team and plot their next move to survive in the zombie-infested world. You can test how long you can last in the game’s Endless mode or fight for your life against the hoard of undead in Rescue mode.


Parents and their children can also have an out-of-this-world quest in BFF or Die. As colorful time-traveling aliens, you and your space friends are tasked to go to Earth and rescue the missing Orbees. Bond with the whole family while solving puzzles and upgrading the Space-Time Machine together to fulfill the vital mission.

Inspire creativity among your kids in Space Vikings. Everyone is tasked to build their dungeons and add traps to protect their treasure from fellow mischievous Vikings. If they fail to do so, their precious crystals might get stolen! Only the best strategist among the family can win this intergalactic defense game.


Have a memorable Halloween with your family while staying at home with these AirConsole Hero games. Go to to learn more about the 6-months FREE access, which is worth P249/month for non-SKY Fiber subscribers. For new SKY Fiber subscribers, this freemium offering is available until October 31, 2021.

All SKY Fiber subscribers that will use their AirConsole Hero access on October 11 to November 30, 2021 can also enter the survey raffle promo. To gain a raffle entry, users must log onto the gaming platform using their SKY Fiber subscription and answer the pop-up survey that appears after playing a game. Raffle prizes include an iPad Mini, JBL Wave In-Ear headphones, and P2,500 worth of Sodexo gift certificates. For more information about the survey promo, visit


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