Mindanao Art 2021 sneak peek

I’ve been enjoying living in the real world lately. There is so much to see, create and rediscover. Unplugged on weekends, I love the silence of muted notifications. And because I was overwhelmed by the amount of time and stuff I gathered, I sort of got into a creative slump, ironically. I had too many ideas and didn’t know which art to tackle first.

I went out and headed to Poblacion a few days ago, which held the Mindanao Art Exhibit 2021, a gathering of talented artists all over Mindanao. Stunning artworks to view all over two floors. I purposely wore my fave hand painted shirt by famous local artist Anoy Catague.   



I must have stayed for 3 hours without sensing time. It was calming, not being rushed, or interrupted by ringtones. I contemplated on doing an FB or IG Live, but it hampers my concentration. I was busy shooting plus worrying that someone would step on my camera on the floor.



So I went home feeling better and inspired. I know what to tackle first thing in the morning now. Register in www.mindanaoart.org to get your QR code before you visit (artworks in my pics are in the online gallery). Congratulations to everyone involved in this exhibit, organizers, artists and sponsors. I will be posting my video walk through and more photos soon.



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