Month: November 2021

Merlgen’s Home Chic Home: What is modular cabinetry?

Welcome to Home Chic Home. This is Merlgen Euro Designs’ help corner. M, the resident specialist, will answer questions regarding modular cabinetry and extend solutions to home and office storage and design issues. Modular cabinets: architects and interior designers recommend it and include it in their designs. The clients will nod to it because it’s what they see and hear about. But, believe it or not, not everyone knows everything about modular cabinets, popular it may be. In a Merlgen-client meeting, the question “What exactly are modular cabinets?” is always asked. Here’s a brief Modular Cabinet 101 with M. that can help anyone who wants to know more about the products Merlgen Euro Design offer. What are modular cabinets? Modular cabinets are pre-fabricated cabinets with fittings. A group of cabinet units can easily be affixed together in a predetermined interior space, whether it’s the kitchen, bedroom, living, bathroom or even office spaces. With that system, it can easily be installed, and if needed, dismantled and reinstalled. These cabinets come with “standardized accessories.” That means, the …

3 ways to make holiday celebrations at home more festive with SKY Fiber

Families are beginning to prepare for the holiday festivities with Christmas just a few weeks away. Whether you will be having a small celebration at home or a virtual gathering with friends and family, SKY Fiber can help you connect with your loved ones better and elevate your bonding experience.

2GO’s Optimized Route Network to Boost Supply Chain Efficiency as Economy Reopens

MANILA, 19 November 2021 – 2GO Group, Inc.’s business arm 2GO Sea Solutions, the leader in domestic freight transportation in the Philippines, aims to boost supply chain efficiency to support the country’s commerce and trade as the local economy further reopens. The company has recently optimized its route network of roll-on, roll-off passenger (ROPAX) vessels to guarantee same-day sailing schedules, while expanding its freight services in Visayas and Mindanao to ensure an unhampered flow of essential goods in the regions amid the pandemic. “During the pandemic, we pivoted our operations to ensure reliable sailing schedules despite restrictions. By revamping our routes and schedules, we have instituted additional reliability and voyage frequency in our freight operations through day-definite departures. We are now in a strong position to offer speed for faster lead times to allow our customers to improve supply chains, lower inventory costs, and increase market responsiveness,” 2GO vice president and head of Sea Solutions Dan Fernan said.   Two new vessels were introduced in the fleet, M.V. 2GO Maligaya and M.V. 2GO Masagana. Photo …