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Alexa and KD trends on Tiktok video with more than 1 million views

April 29, 2022


KDLex trends on social media, Tiktok video garners more than 1 million views

Ilacad gave a glimpse of how they craft songs together in Alexa’s newest TikTok video, which has over 1 million views now.

“Whenever I write songs, there’s always an inspiration,” Alexa shared. She
specifically likes browsing the internet for various poems to read before crafting
lyrics for a new song.


KD, on the other hand, is continuously learning music theory through online
resources since he helps create the melody after Alexa writes lyrics.
The pair gave a sample for viewers as Alexa wrote new lyrics for a song about an
unexpected admirer. KD tried out some chords on his guitar until they agreed on
the right tune for the verse. At the end of the video, Alexa sang the short song
while KD played the instrumental music.

Alexa and KD share their love for music and how they create meaningful moments together Click To Tweet

“The internet plays a big part in our song writing process,” Alexa added and shared
that her family switched to a new internet service provider to after being frustrated
with the expensive but unreliable connection of their previous provider.

According to Alexa, her new SKY Fiber subscription is the “swak” plan for her
because it offers the fast connection she needs at an affordable price that fits their
family budget. The 50Mbps Plan, which is just P1,699/month, even has boosted
speeds of up to 75Mbps until July. The two free WiFi Mesh included in the plan also
eliminate all dead zones in her house after placing them in her living room and

Meanwhile, KDLex recently broke the internet with their first ever branded
engagement as a love team putting ‘KDLEX FOR SKYFIBER’ on the #1 spot in the
Philippine trends and #19 globally on April 22. Both stars were surprised by the
overwhelming support of their followers.

“We were very happy to see how much the KDLex family loved our photo and
together. Their unwavering support never fails to surprise us every time,” Alexa

Visit to check out SKY Fiber’s Super Speed Plans and
subscribe. Currently, there is a free speed boost promo where subscribers can
experience up to 50% more speed on select plans until July 31.


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