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Phuket, Thailand © Jojie Alcantara
Phuket, Thailand © Ross Razon


JOJIE ALCANTARA is a semi-retired TV show host and a Davao-based journalist since 1995.  She is also a multi-awarded photographer and artist whose works are featured in tourism promotional campaigns like DOT’s It’s More Fun in the Philippines and on covers and spreads of local and international airline magazines.

Her advocacy of positively promoting the islands to the world has brought her around the Philippines and Asian countries, but her loyalty to Davao and Mindanao remains at the forefront of her tourism support.

This proud Dabawenya is a dog lover, Coca-Cola addict and horror fanatic whose images and stories are featured in her lifestyle columns in a local (SunStar Davao  since 1994), national (Manila Bulletin’s Travel Section and Picture Perfect, M Magazine), and contributions to international airline and travel publications (Mabuhay Magazine, Smile Magazine, 7,107 Islands Mag,  Silkwinds,  Inflight, etc.).


I heart Davao for Island Souvenirs
I heart Davao for Island Souvenirs


Often on solo adventures, she is constantly inspired by nature and diverse culture, while she documents remote areas of beautiful islands and seeks heartwarming stories of human interest.


Jojie with the Kids of Hope children, parents and supporters
Jojie with the Kids of Hope children, parents and supporters

She supports nonprofit organizations like Save the Children and Kids of Hope.  For her birthday bash, she once brought gay hairstylists to give free haircut to women inmates in GK Ray of Hope Davao City Jail, gave portraits and art sessions with kids afflicted with cancer in Kids of Hope Foundation, and danced with the orphans in Field of Dreams.

funny sign collection by Jojie Alcantara
funny sign collection by Jojie Alcantara

In 2006, she had her 15 minutes of fame among Pinoys globally when her collection of funny signs during travel went viral in the cyberhighway, and national TV shows caught on (Probe, Mel & Joey, Boy & Kris, and Lucy Torres’ Gomez talk show).  It caused her old website (witerary.com) to crash.

Though she prefers to keep to herself, or work from home and travel, she accepts commissioned projects and travel assignments.  She gives photography workshops (in the past years under Canon, this year with Fujifilm), gives speaking engagements, and contributes materials for Philippine tourism.  She maintains a few blogs, organizes events, hosts TV specials, teaches creative writing seminars, endorses a few products on print and television, and collects funny signs as therapy.

She has bagged awards and prizes in both national and international photo competitions, but is more frequently invited to be a judge and speaker.  She is a Getty Image contributor, and a three time Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Awards nominee in two categories, Travel Journalism and Heritage and Culture.

As an artist and painter, she’s also had a few art exhibits in the past featuring her caricatures.  She’s had several photo exhibits solo and with groups, the most notable of which was “Bravo Filipino: Artisans at Work”, a photo exhibit held in Manila , sponsored by the Ayala Foundation and Filipinas Heritage Library, along with 6 other photographers which included Don Jaime Zobel and actor Piolo Pascual (2010).

Product endorsements include: Ace Choco Munch (a TV ad that ran for 3 years);  Nokia N8 for Smart Communications print ad in Preview Magazine Dec. 2010; Crepelato Ice Cream for a billboard; Maggi Magic Sarap TV ads on October 2011, renewed in 2015;  Island Souvenirs shirt; Aromacology Sensi products; and MX3 Products on print and TV from 2011 until 2015.

Maggi Magic Sarap TV Commercial, ABS-CBN aired in 2011
Maggi Magic Sarap TV Commercial, ABS-CBN aired in 2011


Jojie Alcantara print ad for MX3 in Mabuhay Magazine
Jojie Alcantara print ad for MX3 in Mabuhay Magazine


Jojie MX3 Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine Dec 2013
Jojie MX3 in Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine Dec 2013


Her specialty is travel, photojournalism and aerial photography.  Currently, she travels around the country and Southeast Asia for tourism, culture and adventure explorations.  She also handles workshops on street photography.

Her aerial photo of Mount Mayon from a chopper has landed on the cover of Mabuhay Magazine’s May 2011 issue.  Since then she has had several aerial photography assignments in the country and abroad.

Other cover photos on cover were of actor Sam Milby in M Magazine, Davao City former Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, and recently, a cover photo of Tawi-Tawi in 7,107 Islands Magazine. 

View more of her published works here.


Receiving an award of recognition from the City Mayor © Jojie Alcantara
Receiving an award of recognition from the City Mayor © Jojie Alcantara


On June 2013, she has received a Plaque of Recognition from the City Government of Davao for her significant contribution to the growth of business, arts and culture in the city under the Social Media Category, awarded by the City Mayor Sara Duterte.

Several of her works are on her Facebook Official Page which currently has more than 18,000 followers, and a thousand visitors per day on her online portfolio.

FEATURED IN MANILA BULLETIN’S PICTURE PERFECT ON February 16, 2010 – Photographer of the Week

To read more about her profile, visit her other inspirational travel photoblog called The Scene Stealer.

On a lighter note, this is her About Me info, including a slideshow of her works.

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Currently running TV ads:

Jojie Alcantara for MX3 Ad Version 2

Maggi Magic Sarap 2014 (2)

Maggi Magic Sarap 2014 pictorial in Manila
Maggi Magic Sarap 2014 pictorial in Manila


21 responses to “About this Dabawenya”

  1. balot Avatar

    wow! How I wish I have a talent like yours jie! Pro hanggang sayaw lang talaga kaya ko, even that , i cant do it na coz masakit na tuhod and balakang ko. Gahi na kaayo! LOL! anyways, miss you and more power ! God Bless!

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Haha sige lang, Lot, at least nagsama din tayo sa sayawan noon. Sa hirap at rayuma!

  2. Shierdan Avatar

    Hi Jojie,
    How about sharing your adventures at our show at camerageektv airing every saturday nights 830 p.m. at net25. Does davao have net25 channel?
    Thanks. PM me at 0933-431-00-35 We’d be honored and privileged to have you in one of our ep. Thanks so much! (www.camerageektv.com)

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Shierdan, that sounds nice. Yes, we have net25, I think. 🙂

  3. Justin Cooke Avatar

    Was great meeting you this weekend, Jojie. I was REALLY impressed with your photos…just AWESOME! Hope we can connect again!

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Justin, likewise. You really are a fun person to talk to. Been browsing through your blogs. You know where to find me for collaborations or just plain coffee! 🙂

  4. Caloy Avatar

    i really like such individual doing things to promote the beauty of our very own Davao City. 2 thumbs UP to you Jojie Alcantara.

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Appreciate that, thank you, Caloy.

  5. Steph Avatar

    Hello Ms. Jojie 🙂 It’s been weeks since I started browsing your pages. I’m so lucky to find a link in one of the pages (Travel Foto) in fb that features you. I’m hoping that someday I could join in one of your workshops… Hmnn.. Do you organize workshops on feature writing? It’s been a decade already since I had written my last articles in our school paper. The passion in writing is still in my heart, but I can’t even compose a single sentence every time I tried this past years until now. I love taking a look on the captured moments and scenes in a photograph 🙂

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Hi Steph, thank you for your wonderful message. It is so nice to be a part of your journey as we interlink through FB, Google+ and our own blogs and discover each other’s experiences. I don’t organize workshops on feature writing, but I used to be invited as a speaker for creative writing workshops a few years back. However, it is significant in my workshops for photoblogging because I always emphasize the importance of memorable captions and beautifully worded sentences to back up your image. Do not worry about being stumped with a sentence from time to time, it happens to the most eloquent writer. What is important is not to let that passion for writing in your heart to burn out. Good luck with your blog, and shine on. 🙂

  6. Steph Avatar

    Thanks Ms.Jojie. 🙂 Maybe I should capture first the scenes and write stories later. 🙂 Since I’m always caught with the stories behind every photograph.

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      That would be a neat technique which might just work for you as it does for me. Best of luck! 🙂

  7. Yon Avatar

    Hi Jojie,

    What is a dabawenya? I have been searching the internet but could not find a definition.



    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      A dabawenya is a local term for someone who was born in Davao (or in the local dialect, Dabaw). 🙂

      1. Yon Avatar

        Thank you for the quick reply.

  8. Jake C. Avatar

    Hello! I like your page! Thanks for all of these information.

  9. Roel Dialogo Jr Avatar
    Roel Dialogo Jr

    You are so inspiring Ma’am Jojie!

    1. Jojie Alcantara Avatar

      Thank you very much Roel. 🙂

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