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People Footwear™ Launches Shoes that are More with Less, for All

People Footwear™ Launches Shoes that are More with Less, for All Canadian entrepreneurs Damian Van Zyll De Jong and Matt Penner, have recently launched People Footwear. With a view to reinvigorate the footwear market that struggles to tangibly evolve with the modern lifestyle, People is taking cues from the timeless to create footwear for our time. It’s the simple things that turn out to be the best. People Footwear is about bringing people together; stepping outside to see where the day takes you, who you might meet along the way and knowing an adventure awaits if you’re up for it. And it starts with wearing what looks and feels right. Shoes don’t have to be complicated. People offer a contemporary design of common sense in a shoe that is stripped down to its simplest form. From construction to production, nothing is wasted and everything is streamlined to produce footwear for today that connects the best styles of the past with the best technology of the future. Constructed from molded foam, People shoes are the epitome …

It’s More Fun to Visit, Shop and Dine in Davao Now

THE BIG DAVAO FUN SALE CONTINUES! For four weeks since March, the Davao City Government, Department of Tourism and The Big Davao Fun Sale Retailers Association has been inviting everyone to shop and dine at Abreeza, Gaisano Mall of Davao, Gaisano Mall Toril, NCCC Mall Davao, Robinson’s, SM City and SM Lanang Premier and participating restaurants that are members of the Davao Tourism Association (DATA) and the Restaurant Association of Davao, Inc. (RADI) and discover great finds and tastes at amazing prices and value. Participating hotels via are available for your most comfortable and affordable stay. For last minute trips check out the best rates at and via Swipe all you can using your BPI credit cards ( with fantastic payment schemes. Movement around the city should be most comfortable in the country’s most modern black taxi fleet of Mabuhay Taxi Big Davao Fun Sale details can also be seen and heard from ABC 5 This is fully backed up by the Philippine Retailers Association (PRA) ( Don’t forget to …

Inspire: Abreeza brings Sam and Yeng in a free concert

Inspire: Abreeza brings Sam and Yeng in a free concert Inspire.  This Christmas, Ayala Malls encourages its customers to bring out the hero in each one of us and make a difference through a series of activities that uplifts the spirit. Last Nov.15,  Abreeza brought to Davao Sam Milby and Yeng Constantino for a free concert at the Activity Center. Related link and information about Ayala Mall’s Inspire Project   Tweet

Canon Photoskwela at Abreeza

Canon brings you Canon Photoskwela PRO event on November 27, 2011 from 10:00am to 6:00pm at the Activity Center of Abreeza Ayala Mall.  Learn photography from the three of Canon Brand Ambassadors for FREE. Registration is FREE but pre-registration is required in order for you to easily go inside the venue and find your best seat. Just email your complete name, contact no., email address and your Canon camera model to [email protected] This invitation is also posted on facebook. For those of you who confirmed your attendance on facebook, please send also the necessary information required. Tweet

Abreeza Mall

Abreeza up close

I wrote the first interview with the architects of Abreeza.  But it took a long time for me to go and finally visit, since I come a long way off from Bangkal and I don’t really go to malls much.  So I didn’t attend its opening, and the cinema launch, and let the crowd rush and curiosity settle down first. When we had visitors from Manila, however, I had to join in the malling. So armed with my point and shoot Lumix, here are a few scenes inside and outside the halfway/almost finished mall.  And no, I am NOT into Starbucks so I don’t have photos. We spent most of the time playing inside Timezone and eating at the food joint on the top floor. The view below this food joint, however, is still not nice, so I concentrated on the architectural design and skies instead.   What do you know, Rhonson was as surprised as I was to see his photo (Kadayawan Festival performers) on display in Camera Haus, so he figures it was …

Abreeza: A Breath of Fresh Air

  Abreeza: A Breath of Fresh Air By Jojie Alcantara Photos/blueprints provided by Abreeza The arrival of Ayala Malls in Mindanao has been much awaited and it was only last year that the locals could see a development taking place in Davao City. In an exclusive interview with Clavel Tongco (General Manager, Accendo Commercial Corp.), Architect Dave Blas (Senior Division Manager, Innovation and Design Group, Ayala Land Inc.) and Roanne Hinolan (Business Development Manager, Ayala Malls Group, Ayala Land Inc.), I was informed that Abreeza Mall was thought out creatively with Davao and Mindanaoans in mind. Ayala Land’s decision to forge a joint venture with the Floreindos in Davao is due to favorable factors: Davao is identified as the second most lucrative market in the Visayas-Mindanao area, next to Cebu. There is a high concentration of the ABC market , approximately 19% percent of the total population of Davao. Second, the city is considered the educational hub of Mindanao with varied choices of good colleges and universities. Davao is also considered the gateway to the …