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Pomelo Fete & Culinary Delights at SM Lanang Premier

The first ever Davao Pomelo Festival came to a wrap last weekend coinciding with the conclusion of the Visit Davao Fun Sale (VDFS). The five-week feast enticed throngs of tourists and locals to celebrate the city’s favorite fruit at The Fountain Court grounds of the metro’s premier shopping and lifestyle destination – SM Lanang Premier.

Tagum’s Kagikan Exhibit pays tribute to original settlers

Tagum’s Kagikan Exhibit pays tribute to original settlers The Kagikan Exhibit formally opened on February 23, 2015 at the Gaisano Mall of Tagum Atrium, showcasing Tagum City’s three original settlers: the indigenous peoples (lumads), the muslims and the pioneer migrant pilgrims who came from the northern islands of Luzon, Cebu, Bohol, Iloilo and Leyte.   These are the tri-people inhabitants of the city which are being highlighted and acknowledged for the first time since the foundation of Tagum as a political and territorial subdivision in the past seventy years.   The City Information Office spearheads this year’s annual exhibit, and the show’s opening was witnessed by the Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representatives to the city’s 23 barangays, with members of cultural communities and Muslims dressed colorfully in traditional clothes. Direct descendants of early settlers graced the occasion and expressed gratitude for this touching tribute to their forefathers.   The exhibit showcased traditional wears, utensils, musical instruments and tribal accessories of both ethnic and Muslim communities based on written accounts of early migrants who came to Tagum …

D’ Japanese Tunnel in Davao

After World War II, the legend of the Yamashita treasure seduced many treasure hunters to Davao, particularly in Mintal, Tugbok District (now declared as the Japanese Heritage Site of the City), where hiding places for the war loots were supposedly buried deep underground within numerous foxholes and crisscrossing tunnels built by soldiers and prisoners of war.

Ten tribes endorse their Hiyas ng Kadayawan candidates

Hiyas ng Kadayawan 2011 is Davao’s annual search for that distinctive indigenous young lady who is knowledgeable of her native culture and wisdom through a pageantry of Mindanaoan myths and legends. Ten young women from respective and distinguished tribes of Davao will be presented in their ethnic garbs, cultural performances, interviews and indigenous attires in a competition to vie for the festival gem of Davao. Talent night is at 6PM on August 16th at the Abreeza Mall. The Grand Coronation Night is at 6PM, August 17th, at the Davao City Recreation Center (formerly Almendras Gym). The 10 young ladies are : Fauzia Jamsuri, 20 (Tausog); Leah Jean Benito, 20 (Matigsalog); Jhel Ann Oboc, 18 (Obu Manuvu); Zarina Mangadta, 15 (Maguindanao); Judelyn Ogos, 18 (Bagobo Tagabawa); Almeline Cheenee Hamid, 19 (Sama); Norie Fe Licomes, 24 (Bagobo Klata); Rahima Usman, 16 (Maranao); Bernalin Mamboo , 18 (Ata); Mia Rose Sarip Apadan, 18 (Kagan). Photos courtesy of Rhonson Ng                 Tweet