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  • Come to Davao!

    Come to Davao!

    Come visit Davao City now!

  • An interview on photography and Davao life

      PHWOW: When you hear the word Davao, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? ME: Happiness! I am very happy to be living here. I can’t imagine being based anywhere else. PHWOW: No. 1 reason why Davao is WOW? ME: It is the biggest city with a very big heart. People care about […]

  • Biogesic brings John Lloyd in Town

    I asked him to pose this way with me, and he gamely followed Press conference and exclusive lunch with celebrity John Lloyd Cruz at the Marco Polo function room Event was sponsored by Biogesic and Unilab, and covered by ABS-CBN Davao John Lloyd’s 5 “Ingat” Years of Success By Jojie Alcantara Photos by Jojie Alcantara […]

  • Covering the 74th Araw ng Davao Parade

    Covering the 74th Araw ng Davao Parade

    74th Araw ng Davao Parade Coverage 2011

  • Davao Travel Photography Workshop (2011)

    Looking at our beloved city from a different light. Come join us. CANON is giving away a camera! To win this exciting prize, just join Discover Davao With Rhonson Ng and Jojie Alcantara on March 19-20, 2011 at the Apo View Hotel. Registration is only PhP 3500. For inquiries, you may send an email to […]

  • Wings

    “Spirituality is like a bird: If you hold it too closely, it chokes, And if you hold it too loosely, it escapes.” – Israel Salanter Lipkin Photography, Jojie Alcantara (Kat on her 18th birthday)

  • the scene stealer

    I steal scenes. For those unaware, photography has been my self-therapy all these years in moments of stress, anxiety or sadness. It allows me to be calmer, to stay in focus, to compose my thoughts, and to dream. When I take photos, I am lost in my own world. When I go back to reality, […]

  • Dabawenya. That’s Me.

    When I was in Cambodia for the Asean Tourism Forum (ATF 2011), I carried with me my unusual calling card. It’s bigger than your regular one.