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The Big Davao Fun Sale

“The Big Davao Fun Sale” is the first ever 4-week long shopping frenzy in the Philippines with the retail industry of the City offering fantastic deals like unique activities, discounts, freebies, awards and prizes.

Hanging Out at The Peak

Hanging Out at The Peak Text and photos by Jojie Alcantara (published in SunStar Davao) Gaisanao Mall has something to be proud of.  It has transformed its rooftop into a very attractive hangout for families and friends. While it is quite ordinary-looking at daytime, once sunset casts its orange glow over the rooftop and darkness settles in, the whole area is transformed into a dazzling display of changing multicolored pool illuminations, lighted plants, and twinkling displays on arch beams. Another draw is the well-lighted row of restaurants along the al fresco area. Have a choice from various dining outlets that offer culinary delights within reasonable ranges. They also provide entrance to the mall’s food court in the interiors. Barkadas, families, and lovers hang around, taking photos and savoring the cool breeze at the top, while others head for a wide array of meals. My family’s favorite is Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria, where they offer buy one take one pizza (not for takeout, though, so the outlet is mostly filled up) from 2pm-6pm daily. To date, more …