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  • Kadayawan 2016 : Icons of Davao

    Kadayawan 2016 : Icons of Davao

    Here are quick facts from the Davao City Information Office on the four prominent icons of Davao: the Philippine Eagle, Waling-Waling, Mt. Apo, and the Durian.

  • Kadayawan 2016: Eleven Tribes, One City

    Kadayawan 2016: Eleven Tribes, One City

    Here is an infographic on the 11 Lumad and Muslim communities in Davao City that together with an abundant harvest are the reasons why we are celebrating the 31st Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival.

  • Kadayawan sa Davao Festival 2013

    Kadayawan sa Dabaw, Davao City, Philippines © Jojie Alcantara I am lucky to have spanned more than a decade of covering Mindanao’s most colorful and biggest festival in the islands. Through my work in the media as a TV anchor, columnist and photographer, I have been able to document more than a bird’s eye view…

  • Kadayawan goes bigger and brighter (2011)

    Read the large version here or view more photos Here’s my column head below for Manila Bulletin Kadayawan sa Davao goes bigger and brighter Text and photos by Jojie Alcantara (Scene Stealer), published in Manila Bulletin, Sept. 18, 2011 Davao’s major festival underwent a facelift this year.  With the private sector taking rein, backed up…