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  • Destination Mati: Travel Photography Workshop

    (downloadable poster above) DESTINATION MATI: A TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP SERIES BY RHONSON NG AND JOJIE ALCANTARA (June 16-17, 2012) In photo: Dahican at Daybreak (Mati, Davao Oriental) Jojie Alcantara, May 2012 Dahican, the popular and most beautiful beach in my birthplace Mati, is an extended strip of stunning white beach lined with coconut trees, facing […]

  • Agdao seascapes at sunrise

    Waking up at 4am to catch the sunrise in a remote coastal barrio within my city is rewarding and most often, my feel good therapy. What used to be a most dreaded area back in the 70s and 80s have now transformed into a photographer’s lair with its beautiful coastal vista in the morning.

  • Of golden sunrise and statues in the Baywalk

    Of golden sunrise and statues in the Baywalk

    I grew up playing and swimming in the black sandy shore of Times Beach in Matina decades ago. It is Davao’s public beach.

  • Davao sunrise from the top

    There are two ways to view the sunrise from the highest point. If you climb Mount Apo, or if you ride on an airplane. If you haven’t yet seen or experience a sunrise from above the clouds, take the first flight back to Davao before the break of dawn, which I love to do. It’s a breathtaking experience.