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Kadayawan Festival 2014 Schedule of Events

As I am no longer doing a live coverage of the Kadayawan Festival parade for two days with my beloved SkyCable TV crew (yes, I have already retired from years of sun-drenched, fun coverage in the streets from an epic 2001 until 2012) I shall probably be moving around the city to shoot on my own or with buddies I meet. I am no longer armed with a microphone but my trusty camera gears and probably a selfie monopod for good measure (helps parlay potential pickpockets?).  I shall miss the fun with the Sky Crew. Tweet

Kadayawan sa Davao Festival 2013

Kadayawan sa Dabaw, Davao City, Philippines © Jojie Alcantara I am lucky to have spanned more than a decade of covering Mindanao’s most colorful and biggest festival in the islands. Through my work in the media as a TV anchor, columnist and photographer, I have been able to document more than a bird’s eye view of the dazzling pomp and spectacle that is Davao’s Kadayawan Festival, which earned its prestige as one of the most beautiful ethnic celebrations in the country. Tweet

Ten tribes endorse their Hiyas ng Kadayawan candidates

Hiyas ng Kadayawan 2011 is Davao’s annual search for that distinctive indigenous young lady who is knowledgeable of her native culture and wisdom through a pageantry of Mindanaoan myths and legends. Ten young women from respective and distinguished tribes of Davao will be presented in their ethnic garbs, cultural performances, interviews and indigenous attires in a competition to vie for the festival gem of Davao. Talent night is at 6PM on August 16th at the Abreeza Mall. The Grand Coronation Night is at 6PM, August 17th, at the Davao City Recreation Center (formerly Almendras Gym). The 10 young ladies are : Fauzia Jamsuri, 20 (Tausog); Leah Jean Benito, 20 (Matigsalog); Jhel Ann Oboc, 18 (Obu Manuvu); Zarina Mangadta, 15 (Maguindanao); Judelyn Ogos, 18 (Bagobo Tagabawa); Almeline Cheenee Hamid, 19 (Sama); Norie Fe Licomes, 24 (Bagobo Klata); Rahima Usman, 16 (Maranao); Bernalin Mamboo , 18 (Ata); Mia Rose Sarip Apadan, 18 (Kagan). Photos courtesy of Rhonson Ng                 Tweet