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Shoot for Hope Photo Workshop for a Cause

Shoot for Hope Photo Workshop for a Cause Shoot for Hope was organized in a matter of days,  just less than 2 weeks.  When Typhoon Sendong ravaged areas in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, Rhonson and I immediately gathered our very good friends to come up with a fundraising event. In June 0f 2011, Rhonson and I were victims of a flashflood which prompted us to move out and relocate.  Help came from our good friends, and one with the most impact was the workshop that our kumpare Manny Librodo organized along with his good friends Bobby Wong and Aly Reyes.  Together with buddies and other top photographers who waived their professional fees in support of our situation, the workshop was able to raise funds which they sent to us (or rather, Rhonson flew to Manila to humbly accept it).  People we didn’t know greeted us on Facebook and told us they joined the workshop to help us.  It has warmed our hearts so much and helped us in our efforts to try to get …

Davao workshop for Typhoon Sendong victims

Shoot for Hope on Dec. 30, 2011

Davao workshop for Typhoon Sendong victims SHOOT FOR HOPE, DEC. 30, 2011 AT THE MARCO POLO HOTEL Six Davao photographers unite for a day in voluntary efforts to raise funds for Typhoon Sendong victims in Iligan and Cagayan de Oro cities. Learn techniques from the guys who have the experience and skills in different fields of photography, while your support goes to families in need this Holiday Season. CLICK FOR REGISTRATION             CLICK FOR REGISTRATION Tweet